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According to Plinius the Elder (Naturalis Historia) some Phoenician merchants incidentally discover on the Belo beach in the rest of fire a solid and transparent mass: the glass.
From this moment has begun in the Middle East and particulary in Syria an important glass productions: vases, cups but also beads, necklaces, bracelets. The Syrians travelled in Mediterranean sea during the centuries and exported the new technique of blown glass.
Such activity continues without interruption until now in the Middle East areas.
The holder of the laboratory, Mazen Rankoussi, Syrian of Damascus, is the hier a long familiary tradition of master and goldsmiths. In his numeorus travels in India, Turkey, Egypt and in Europe has learned and experimented many technique of glass working according to ancient and modern style, joining the coloured brightness of oriental beads . Since 1986 inserted in the world of fashoin and the costume jewellery in Syria; in Egypt, he has taken part to important part of international fairs, continuing to study and to experiments.
In the laboratory inRome he offers to his customer a wide and refined collection of beads from many parts of the world, handmade in little factories that Rankoussi contacts during his travels.
We invite you to visit our handicraft production of bijoux in our shop in Via Sora (in the old center of Rome) or in our website pages.

La Perla D'Oriente
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